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This site is a social club for investors that you access through your web browser on the device of your choice. It works on mobile, tablet, or desktop. To return to this site, bookmark us in your web browser or type “newsaboutstocks.com” into your web browser. You can sign up and log in for this site with one click through your Facebook or LinkedIn account.

Step 1: Create Your Profile

Choose the Stocks that Interest You

You can create your profile by selecting “Profile” from the menu, then select “Edit” (after you register and log in)

There are plenty of things you can add to your profile, including your bio, list of stocks, sectors, and investment strategy.

Step 2: Search Members, Meet New People, Make Friends

Search by Name or Symbol

See the links for Search Site (where you can search member portfolio profiles) and the Members Directory (a list of all members)

On this social network it’s okay (and encouraged) for you to talk to people you don’t already know and Friend or Follow them. The goal is to find and meet new people who follow the same stocks you follow, then learn from your (honest, unbiased) peer investors to hear news about the stocks that you own and care about.

Step 3: Share, Chat, Connect

Discussion Groups and a Chat Room

See the Groups Directory and feel free to join and discuss! You are free to create your own custom Group and invite others to join. There is also a members-only text-based chat room.

100% Free to Join

A Tool for Your Portfolio

You can click here to register or click here to log in. If you’re already registered and logged in, please use the menu in the upper right corner to navigate the site.