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We ask that, if you use this website as a source of news about a stock, that this not be the only, or the main, source that you rely upon, as we do not make any promise, guarantee, nor warranty, about our users distributing complete or accurate news and information. In other words, diversify your Wall St. news sources, just as you would diversify a portfolio to mitigate risk.
Investing is risky. Invest in stocks only if you can afford to take a 100% loss on your investment–nothing prevents any individual stock that you have purchased from dropping to a value of 0 at any time (and, for that matter, your liability on shorts is even worse–the risk of a loss that is potentially infinite if the price goes infinitely high). Consult your financial adviser and broker before investing. Users listen to stock picks and financial advice on this site at their own risk, and takes no responsibility for user-submitted content and does not review, endorse, vet or fact-check such content.
It is forbidden to post an offering or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities on this site. You may not post offerings or offers to buy or sell securities into our user-uploaded content. This site is not a broker-dealer and it is not for buying and selling shares. It is for discussing stocks and sharing news, info, and analysis only. Any user-uploaded communication on this site that is an offer to sell securities, or an offer to buy securities, or a solicitation of such offers, or actual trading activity, is forbidden. Also, any offer to sell financial services or collect money in any way, other than with’s express written consent, is forbidden. Any violation of these terms, i.e. any forbidden conduct, is grounds for immediate suspension or termination of the offending user’s account. Any usage of this site in which one member seeks to do anything that involves or requires collecting money from another user is forbidden. Note that a user is allowed to mention the existence of a for-pay financial service, but may not actually solicit the purchase of that service from users on this site. It is also a violation of the site’s policies for users to create “investment clubs” to pool and invest user money on behalf of the user, although nothing prevents a group of users from discussing a stock with praise for it and then each member individually investing in that stock for his own account. The difference between the latter permissible conduct, and the former forbidden conduct, is that in the latter case, one user would be not collecting another user’s money to invest on his behalf.

Stock promoters who are paid to promote a stock should indicate that fact, and their compensation, in their profile Bio. It is forbidden for a stock promoter to pose as an investor in order to inject favorable statements into the site discussion about the stock he is promoting. Any stock promotion should be clearly labelled as such, in both the stock promoter’s profile Bio and also in the Posts (i.e. Status Updates) that he posts into discussions in feeds, groups, or chat rooms, so that the investors can easily identify his relationship to the stock as a promoter.

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Legal Terms last updated 5/19/2017